This state has no up-to-date data on hospitals. 


What now?



Current Resources for Hospital Maternity Data:

The Leapfrog Group Maternity Ratings and Reports

Consumer Reports Maternity Ratings and Articles


Steps you can take if you want more data:

1.      Contact your state’s health department if you want to see more recent cost and quality data for pregnancy published online. Search their site for “Vital Statistics” to find the right contact.


2.      Help the Leapfrog Group build the largest standardized (NTSV) cesarean rate data set available. First, visit www.leapfroggroup.org. If you don’t see your hospital’s maternity data there, it’s because they don’t report their maternity data to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Take action! Ask them why not in writing (opens a Word document).


3.      Subscribe to a newsletter with updates on possible consumer advocacy opportunities. We might need your help!


4.      Just ask. Call local hospitals and get someone from Labor and Delivery on the line. Ask to speak to the nurse manager.