Where are women sent online for information on VBAC after two cesareans?

I received a request for info on the risks of VBAC after 2 or more cesareans versus planned repeat cesarean with 2 or more cesareans and thought it might be interesting to crowdsource it and see how the 16,000 Facebook fans would respond.

Here were the links provided. What do you think of this snapshot of resource sharing in terms of information shared, sources and the community itself, if anything?

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Down Home Gynecology
A friend just inquired as to whether I wrote this. The answer is yes. Of course I did. And I posed for the rendering that also appears on mudflaps which you can pick up for $27.99 at your nearest NAPA Auto Parts. Incidentally, you can also pick up a lot of the down home gyno supplies recommended in my book at NAPA, so bring your checkbook.
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