If There Were a Site Called "The Absolutely, Positively Necesarean..."

… Melissa Leavitt and her son, Wyatt, would be on the home page.  Wyatt is Melissa’s third child, his two older sisters weighing 10.5 pounds and 14.5 pounds at birth.   Melissa told the Unnecesarean that she had hoped to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) with this pregnancy.

Wyatt had other plans, however, weighing nearly 16 pounds at birth. 

Unfortunately, Wyatt got off to a rough start.  Diagnosed at birth with Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension, Wyatt spend his early weeks in isolation.  His parents only recently were able to stop injecting their baby boy with Lovenox, which Melissa calls “terrifying” on her new blog:

The blood clot in Wyatt’s heart is still there and it is massive. The Lovenox was to keep the clot from getting bigger. The theory was that as Wyatt grows, the clot would get smaller in relation to his body and eventually be reabsorbed by the body. Now our family is wondering what will happen next without the Lovenox.

While Melissa recovered from her planned c-section, Wyatt had to remain in what Melissa called a womb-like state.

Wyatt was so sick, I couldn’t hold him, touch him or even speak to him. No loud noises were allowed around him. He had to be in a “womb” like state with no stimulus and I remember holding my breath every time a nurse would touch him because his stats would “crash.” This is a picture of me touching Wyatt at his baptism. It was only for a moment and I treasured it for the days that followed.

Wyatt’s baptism (Posted with permission from Melisa Leavitt)

Melissa was the victim of a hit-and-run drunk driver when she was seven months pregnant, and sustained injuries from the head-on collision.  Coupled with recovery from her own surgery and contending daily with the stress, fears and financial hardships of having a sick baby, Melissa and her family have seen better days.  In spite of this, Melissa writes of feeling willing to endure it all again for “her precious Wyatt.”

By starting a blog, Wyatt’s parents are hoping to meet other families who have dealt with or are dealing with PPHN.  Melissa is also embarking on an eBay storefront endeavor selling items that she has sewn.  Site visitors that feel inclined can also donate to the family via PayPal to help them with their financial challenges.

If you or anyone you know has dealt with PPHN, please visit or send them a link to the family’s blog: http://babywyattsstory.blogspot.com.  Subscribe to their feed for updates on Baby Wyatt and stories about the sweet baby that wore size 3 diapers at birth!