Spinning It for the Doctors: Headline States Real Number of Unnecessary C-Sections May Be 4%

The real headline should be:  Study Shows Georgia Hospitals Systematic Reporting of Risk Factors for Cesarean Deliveries Flawed



This article appeared on USNews.com today.

More than 70,000 of these women ended up having a Caesarean delivery, and almost 41,000 were listed on the birth certificate as having no risk factors. Yet, in the hospital discharge data, nearly 90 percent of these women had a risk factor listed.

Overall, 58.3 percent of birth certificates suggested no risk factors. But when the researchers pooled the data and combined both birth certificate data and hospital discharge data, they found the rate of Caesareans with no reported risk factors at just 3.9 percent.


The real story is that there is a discrepancy of more than 50% in how risk factors are reported in Georgia hospitals on birth certificates and discharge forms.