2009 CIMS Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum in San Diego

The deadline to sign up at the early-bird rate for the 2009 Mother-Friendly Childbirth Forum and Annual Meeting on March 5-7 in San Diego is fast approaching. 


Register by January 26, 2009 to get a discount.


This year’s confirmed speakers are:

Bruce Ackerman
Stefanie Antunes, LCCE, CD(DONA), CHBE
Maureen P. Corry, MPH
Robbie E. Davis-Floyd, PhD
Pam England, MA, CNM
Henci Goer
Laurence M. Grummer-Strawn, MPA, MA, PhD
Laurie Jurkiewicz, CNM, BSN, MS
Phyllis Klaus, MFT, MLSW
Michele R. Lauria, MD, MS
Céline Lemay, PhD
Judith A. Lothian, PhD, RN, LCCE
Michael C. Lu, MD, MS, MPH
Victoria Macioce-Stumpf, ICCE, CD (CAPPA, DONA)
Amy M. Romano, MSN, CNM
Jeanette M. Schwartz, RN, MA, ICCE, LCCE, CD, (DONA, ICEA)
Sharon M. Storton, MA, CLE, CCHT, LMFT
Hélène Vadeboncoeur, PhD
And more!


It’s been pushing 80 degrees in Southern California over the last week.  Two weeks ago, we had some inclement conditions.  The dew actually FROZE on the shady side of the house.  My flip flops on the porch felt like they were about 40 degrees.  I can see why people wouldn’t want to leave for a few days to come somewhere so awful. 

Kidding, naturally.  I really did take that picture to document the micron of Southern California “frost.”


Who’s going?  Leave a comment if you think you’re going to make it!