A Labor and Delivery Nurse Tells Her Birth Story

Rose, an L&D nurse, sent in a fantastic story of the birth of her fourth child.  She describes the experience of giving birth as a hospital insider educated on every procedure, intervention and medication.  Having previously given birth with epidurals, she found herself caught somewhat off-guard by the out-of-control nature of transition and found it challenging to advocate for herself while in labor, even on her own turf.  It’s both a play-by-play description of the birth and a candid and sincere self-assessment. 

It’s also an advertisement for continuous, human support during labor.  Rose offers some of the best advice that a woman giving birth in a hospital can hear, instead of the usual “bring Chapstick” or “eat Popsicles” drivel that one would find in pregnancy literature.

Congratulations, Rose!  Thanks for your story.


Rose’s advice:



Hire a doula! Find a care provider- OB, midwife, etc., who you can trust. Know their standards of care and that of the hospital, the standing orders. Ask early on about their beliefs on induction.

Know that you can refuse anything you want!!! Exercise that right- when they suggest something you are not comfortable with. He suggested Pitocin and I said no, he was very kind and not judgmental at all.

Write a birth plan- I wish I had. Oh, and big babies can come out of very short people! You wouldn’t believe how many people are amazed that short little me had a big baby.

NO late term ultrasounds to guess baby’s size. They are wrong! I’ve seen people have a c/section for “macrosomia” and the baby was only 8 pounds when it came out! I can’t do anything about this, change the patient’s views, b/c by the time I meet them they are in labor already. Makes me so frustrated to see this happen- inductions, c/sections for macrosomia!





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