"Watch out," Florida Moms: If You're Prepped, They'll Cut

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In a SunSentinel.com blog post called Watch out moms-to-be: C-sections are on the rise in Florida, writer Anne Vasquez tells how she saved herself from being cut by one of Florida’s many sectionistas by not having an epidural.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it: An office assistant in my doctor’s office told me over the phone that the only way I could guarantee that my doctor would deliver my baby is if I had a scheduled caesarean section. Otherwise, I’d be subject to whoever was on call. Maybe my doctor; maybe not.

Hmm…And people wonder why C-sections are at an all-time high nationally and in Florida?

After the initial shock, I got mad. I’m not opposed to having a C-section – if I actually medically require one. In fact, I almost had an emergency C-section five years ago during labor with my son. I was carted away as nurses walked while dressing my husband in scrubs. My doctor zoomed into the operating room and in one swift movement someone handed him a scalpel. When he realized I hadn’t had an epidural, he decided to re-check the baby’s vital signs. They were up. He stopped and told me that I could have one more chance to deliver naturally. If the vitals dropped one more time, he would operate. I trusted him, and I gave birth within the hour.




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