Birth Lube

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A company in Switzerland has developed a product called Dianatal, an obstetric gel which forms a low-friction bioadhesive film in the vaginal birth canal. The company claims that this lubricant ”reduces the friction between the child and the vaginal birth canal which can make delivery more difficult.”

HCB Happy Child Birth Holding AG in Basel, Switzerland holds a European patent for the lube, which it claims shortens both the first and second stages of labor and should therefore be used throughout the entire delivery. It is also great for the manual detachment on the placenta.

According to a Ukranian web site for the gel, Dianatal should be applied frequently throughout birth during each vaginal examinations, beginning with the first examination.

A video on the site’s side bar shows how simple a lubed birth is. The woman lies on her back, the bioadhesive gel is inserted and the baby slips out.




Not only is dystocia impossible because the pesky birth canal friction that has plagued women for ages is a thing of the past, but the gel produces a happy childbirth.



Hat tip to Gloria Lemay

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