Doctor charged woman extra for asking too many questions during exam

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Is there actually a billing code for Superfluous Questioning During Pap Smear?

In August 2009, covered the story of a woman who discovered the reason for the extra $92 bill she kept receiving from her doctor.

Shannon Karal, like a lot of women, knows the importance of having an annual physical. She says, “I do all my preventative visits for dentist, doctor, any of the normal things I try to go as much as they say you should go.”

So Shannon scheduled a well woman exam at a physician’s office called Doctors Goodman and Partridge, an exam she says that is 100% covered by her insurance carrier. Shannon explains, “I just had some questions and concerns about normal things that a young woman like me would have.”

Shannon says the exam was completely paid for by her insurance, however, she keeps getting a bill for $92 from the doctor’s office so, she called to find out why and, according to Shannon, she was told she asked too many questions during her exam.

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