Jon Stewart and The Daily Show Call Out CNN Fact Checkers

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Jon Stewart took on CNN fact checkers on The Daily Show on October 13, 2009. After showing a clip of how CNN did extensive fact checking on the Saturday Night Live sketch that aired one day after President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, The Daily Show put together a segment that spotlighted, among other things, how interviewees are able to share fact-free tidbits without follow-up from anchors, hosts or editorial staff.

The prime example highlighted by Stewart was Senator John Kyl’s claim that medical malpractice reform will save 100 to 200 billion dollars. This claim was nowhere near the 0.5 percent savings to national health care spending outlined in the Congressional Budget Office’s report released on October 19, 2009, which predicts that it would result in a reduction of federal deficits by 54 billion dollars over the next decade (if higher federal tax revenues are factored in).


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m “out of time on this thing.”  


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