End of Summer Birth Story Round-up

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Thank you to all of you who sent in your birth stories in the last two months!


Tiffany, who gave birth to a ten pound baby at home in a birthing pool on her kitchen floor, had this to say about her OB who said she couldn’t do it:

I am forever grateful to this pompous man. He allowed my husband to see how I would have been treated in labor; and my husband made the profound decision to interview midwives!



After a run-in with an evil birthing stool, Kelsey gave birth to a 10 pound, 12 ounce baby at a birth center.



Rachel was in suspense before giving birth at home after a previous cesarean to a 10 pound, 2 ounce baby:

I was eager, but a little nervous. It was a kind of disturbing feeling to think.. this is going to end one of 2 ways.. either I’ll get my VBAC, or I’ll end up on the operating table. I was impatient for the suspense to end and know what was going to happen.



Sarah gave birth at home past the 41 week mark and is grateful that she avoided the typical induction scenario of the hospital. In Sarah’s words, “[W]hat people had told me about birth wasn’t true for me for this birth, that I CAN do it just fine without an epidural or medical intervention, and that my body knows what it’s doing.”



Katie’s hospital VBAC wouldn’t have been the same without a doctor that had faith in her.

I started pushing 5-6 times pre contraction and the dr had been with me the whole time. She had them break the bed and get all the stuff ready and I asked “Is she coming out this way?” and the dr. laughed and said “I’m not doing a c-section today!”

Katie also sent her story to Nursing Birth because she wants  of plentypositive stories out there on the internet for all of the woman preparing for VBACs.



Desalie tried for a VBA2C but her efforts were not well received.

Then when I showed them all the reading and safety evidence, no-one would still discuss it with me. I got told if I presented at hospital in labour that they would get 2 signatures and sign me into the psych. ward, and force me to have a c-section.



Morgan caught her own 9 pound, 4 ounce baby at home… but she was really slippery! [Edit: Technically, Morgan’s little one was “caught” by her dad…]



Sarah was pressured to induce and ended up giving birth to a 10 pound, 13.5 ounce baby in the hospital.

[I]f I had listened to the doctors and not done my own research, I very may well have induced early.  After learning more about the real risks of shoulder dystocia and c-sections, I was comfortable letting him come when he was ready. 



I recently “organized” my inbox. If I have ever missed your story, please let me know so I can post it. And I’m so sorry if I let it get swallowed up in Facebook and Twitter notifications.


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