Attacked Shark Plans CBAC (Cloacal Birth After Cesarean)

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Here’s the story. A shark bit a chunk out of another shark in an aquarium in New Zealand, who happened to be pregnant. Four shark pups emerged. Another four were found alive and all are well.

This shark-on-shark attack, referred to as an “impromptu c-section,” is being credited with saving the innocent pups from the forces of nature.

From The Daily Mail UK:

Aquarist Fiona Davies said it was common for sharks to take chunks out of each other, even in the wild, but she had never heard of anything like this.

Ms Davies said the unusual delivery had probably saved the baby sharks’ lives.

If the mother had given birth naturally, most likely at night, the babies would have been eaten by adult sharks and stingrays before staff could rescue them.

 Other headlines hail the amazing pup-saving shark cesarean:


“Shark performs surgery, saves baby sharks from disaster”

“Amazing Delivery! Shark Bites Pregnant Shark - Babies Emerge”

“Shark gives another Caesarean bite and saves babies‎”



Cut the shit. A shark bit another shark.



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Credit for Photo of a Very Forlorn Shark


Thank you for the link, Leigh from Marvelous Kiddo. It’s always a good day to anthropomorphize sharks.