Open Thread: Why I Do or Don't Think that Epidurals Are Bad

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After this comment thread, which is deteriorating rapidly, and this thread, which is an interesting exchange of diverse opinions, I am left shocked by the intensity of concern that the woman who recently broadcast her birth got an epidural.

Many feel that it was disappointing that a woman who wanted an unmedicated birth, (presumably) didn’t hear encouraging words from her midwife in transition, letting her know that she was so close and that she could do it. Many feel that her team let her down. Based on the woman’s comments after her birth, she wished that her midwife had told her she was eight centimeters before offering an epidural, then followed that statement with something to the extent of “but I needed it.”



This is a semi-open thread. You can say whatever you want anonymously here, provided you are civil to other commenters. If you would prefer to discuss this in Facebook, that would be fine.


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