CNN's Elizabeth Cohen on How to Fight for Vaginal Birth

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Senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen sat down to discuss defensive medicine, cesarean rates and the fight for vaginal birth with Heidi Collins in the CNN Newsroom.

Cohen offers several tips on what she calls delivery room discussions:

  • Is this an emergency or do we have time to talk?
  • What would happen if we waited an hour or two?
  • Are you sure the baby is too big for me to deliver?


The segment with Cohen touched on one of the biggest problems that pregnant and laboring women face today, which is being risked out of vaginal birth—not for medical reasons, but because doctors don’t like being sued.

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Cohen also discussed Joy Szabo’s recent VBAC. Joy Szabo made news for protesting Page Hospital’s VBAC ban and threat of a court-ordered cesarean. She moved five hours away to Phoenix just to have the chance to give birth vaginally in a hospital.


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