Iowa Woman Has 12 Pound, 9 Ounce Baby Girl

Trisha and Carson Cusick of Sidney, Iowa, are parents of an eleven day old baby girl who weighed 12 pounds, 9 ounces at birth.

As reporter Elizabeth Ahlin noted, Alayna weighed more than half of the combined weight of the now famous California octuplets born last week, who weighed a collective 20 pounds and one ounce.

Trisha and Carson Cusick reportedly thought that they were having twins, but and ultrasound confirmed that she was pregnant with one baby with an estimated birth weight of 10 or 11 pounds.

On January 21, after an epidural-free five hour labor with a half-hour of pushing, Alayna was born to happy parents and shocked nurses, who insisted on weighing her promptly.

Trisha Cusick’s doctor, Jodanne Hedrick, who said she had never delivered a baby that large, commented on the unpredictable emergency of shoulder dystocia:

Women with gestational diabetes are more likely to have large babies, said Dr. Jodanne Hedrick, Trisha Cusick’s obstetrician. But Trisha did not have diabetes.

Having large babies can pose some risks, Hedrick said. Because of concerns about shoulder distortia [sic], or the baby’s shoulders getting stuck, doctors might offer patients the option of having a cesarean section instead of a vaginal delivery.

“If you ask most doctors what scares them the most, they’ll tell you shoulder distortia [sic],” Hedrick said. “That is just one of those scary situations where we have a short time and we have to be extremely careful to get that baby out.’

Fear of a “scary situation” wasn’t an issue for Cusick.

“To me, it’s not really a big deal,” Trisha told Midland News Service reporter Elizabeth Ahlin.”Everything just went smoothly. I guess I just thought it was normal.’




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