Childbirth Without Choice: Pamela Paul's VBAC Story

The author of the recent Time Magazine article that has the blogosphere buzzing, The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans, told her story at the Huffington Post.

Pamela Paul had a Cesarean with her first child. She looked for a VBAC-friendly practice for her second birth and found one that touted their 75% success rate. At six months, her doctor told her it was time to schedule her Cesarean because HER success rate would only be 13%. Angry at his bait and switch tactics, she called his bluff and asked him to produce the evidence for his claim.

The 1999 study to which he referred had been contradicted by several more recent studies showing success rates of 40 to 60%.

Pamela went into labor on Thanksgiving weekend. The doctor on call was “very much put out by my inconveniencing him,” writes Pamela. According to her, his revenge was refusing to talk to her while she was in labor, and didn’t answer his pager when I was ready to push.

The now notorious Cook County civil suit, Skol v. Pierce, details similar allegations of an angry obstetrician exacting his revenge upon a patient for inconveniencing him.

Pamela Paul blogs at HuffPo about social and cultural issues, demographic trends, women’s issues, and family. Click here to subscribe to her RSS feed.


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