Eating During Childbirth? Yes you CAN, Says BMJ!


To all of the women who chose to give birth in a hospital and smuggled in contraband Clif Bars, Recharge and bananas, you will now have to find something else sneaky to do to boost your street cred.  The British Medical Journal says snacking during childbirth is okay.


EATING while in the throes of childbirth should no longer be a medical taboo, according to a study released today.

The duration of labour, the need for assisted delivery, and caesarean rates were all unaffected by munching between contractions, found the study, published by the British Medical Journal.

Doctors the world over have long discouraged women in labour from eating, for fear that it could lead to breathing food into the lungs in the case of an emergency caesarean while under general anaesthetic.

But such incidents have declined dramatically in recent years, mainly due to the use of local anaesthesia.

Moreover, some doctors have long argued that fasting while in labour - which can last many, many hours - may be bad for the mother and the baby.


The bigger issues are, of course, why every laboring woman is seen as a pre-op patient and why we get so excited to see that someone has published a study confirming obvious things.


What did you eat during labor?  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a client eat?


My second labor was powered by Mexican food as a part of my overall fitness regime, Body By BurritosTM.  In the wee hours of morning, I ate a Luna Bar and drank some orange juice.



Hat tip to Lisa Barrett at Homebirth: A Midwife Mutiny



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