Mama Hearts Baby: "A Baby Came Out of My Vagina!"

Carla from Mama Hearts Baby brought tears to my eyes.  First, I welled up with joy thinking about how amazing she must feel from her unmedicated VBAC.  Then I kept reading and I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.


Just so you know what you have in store when you click over to read the whole story and enjoy adorable newborn-y cuteness:

The woman admitting me was asking way too many questions and suddenly I had to take the biggest poop of my life. I asked her where the nearest bathroom was and she asked why. I told her I had to poop. She said something but I can’t hear a word she says at this point and I had to get my point across and I said, “No listen I have to shit my brains out.” The look on her face changes and she shouts to the triage nurses to get me on a bed and into a room because I’m having a baby. They rush me into a triage room and onto a bed but all the while I’m keep telling them - Look I’m not having a baby, I promise…I just have to shit my brains out. They assure me that’s what the urge to push feels like.

Lovely words of wisdom: 

It’s such an amazing experience to deliver vaginally and without drugs. I don’t knock anyone who has a c-section (duh I had one) or who takes pain meds (duh I took them with Dessa) but if you can, I strongly, strongly encourage women to give natural childbirth a try. I am amazed by my body.


Congratulations, Carla! Enjoy your babymoon. 





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