Doulas, Racism, Home Birth in Spain and DNA-Altering Cesareans

Doulas as Essential Medical Care

Jane Fonda (yes, that Jane Fonda) wrote a post for RH Reality Check about the Community-Based Doula Program in Georgia.


Good news for the Latinos denied passports whose births were attended by midwives in Texas. The DOS will start staff trainings (pending court approval) on how to avoid improperly scrutinizing people whose births were assisted by midwives in Texas and along the U.S.-Mexico border. With a few exceptions, anyone birthed by a midwife who has filed an application for a passport between April 2003 and September 15, 2008 can reapply for free. (via Radical Doula)


Spain’s Ministerio de Salud y Consumo published a statement that home birth is safe. (via ZGZ Pro Parto Natural)


Dar a luz en casa es una opción segura

Un estudio publicado recientemente concluye que, en mujeres embarazadas de bajo riesgo, dar a luz en casa no se asocia con mayor morbi-mortalidad neonatal


Home birth is a safe option

A recently published study concludes that, for low risk mothers, giving birth at home is not associated with higher levels of neonatal morbidity-mortality.


Common Postpartum Pain Medications Removed (from Pregnancy/Birth Blog)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted yesterday to discontinue the use of two medications that are frequently prescribed for postpartum pain - Percocet® and the less commonly used Vicodin®. The reason for the panel’s decision is that there are a good number of acetaminophen overdoses that occur accidently when a person takes one of these pain relievers in addition to other medications that also contain acetaminophen, like Tylenol.


Mom’s Tinfoil Hat just found out that she was quoted in the LA Times Health blog last year. Interestingly, she wrote this several weeks ago and I just found it in my feed reader.


In her post, New Study Shows C-Section Births May Increase Odds For Developing Diseases Later In Life, Melissa at Nursing Birth discussed the small Swedish study about the possible ramifications of birth stress, including effects on DNA-methylation. The linked article reports that the study examined the theory that when babies are born by planned cesarean section, they haven’t gone through the normal process associated with spontaneous vaginal birth through which stress gradually builds up before birth, thereby preparing the baby for life outside the womb.



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