ACOG Survey: Complications Related to Home Delivery

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Here is a screenshot of the ACOG survey, “Complications Related to Home Delivery” as it appeared on their web site on August 5, 2009 that caused a stir among women’s health advocates last week. The rallying cry on Facebook went something like this:

*Tell ACOG your birth story! *

ACOG has a new database to collect anonymous data on “unsuccessful home births.” *Let’s derail their plans and flood the database with entries on SUCCESSFUL home births!*

It will take less than five minutes*, but having even 25 people do it will send a loud and clear message and may force them to take it down due to bad data. At the very least we can force it into the members-only area, where far fewer OBs will bother to fill it out.

The survey is now password protected for ACOG members only.

After reading the angry comments from doctors on blogs like a few months ago about online doctor rating sites, ACOG’s survey made me laugh a little. One doctor asked, “Isn’t our issue with pseudoscientific surveys per se that do nothing except provide advertising space for those “fine young men and women (God knows, you got to love them”) - as we say in the south - who turn a dollar based on the ignorance and ill will?” Another called them “unscientific crap.”

One person’s crap is another person’s attempt to paint an overly negative portrait of home birth and women’s health care options in the name of protecting its members from unnamed phantom lawsuits, I suppose.




If anyone needs the full size screenshot for any reason, such as not having bionic robot eyes that can read the tiny, tiny text, e-mail me.



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