It's "Best of" Week at The Unnecesarean!

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It’s “Best of” Week! From September 21 to September 27, you will be treated to the bloggy musings of several bloggers while I take care of a slew of non-Unnecesarean related things. I asked these women to submit their all-time favorite post on any topic and I’m very pleased with what they sent.

In the meanwhile, I am forbidden from my usual on-and-off the internet routine. If you see me on Facebook for excessive amounts of time, you may remind me to leave. Actually, avoiding the internet might not be a problem if the cable company keeps shutting off our connection like it has twice in the last week. We’re changing the location of the connection and for some reason we keep finding that we have no signal. When you blog, you just know that the 36 hour period with no internet was right when Michelle Obama initiated a national task force on cesarean rate reduction and she wants you to serve on the committee but only IF YOU RESPOND WITHIN FIVE HOURS.

Delusions of grandeur aside, I just start to miss the people with whom I interact on a daily basis. It’s your fault for being so interesting and concerned about the lack of maternity care options available to women. Sweet sirens of the interwebs you are.

Please enjoy the posts on a variety of topics from these lovely bloggers. Add them to your feedreader while you’re at it!


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