VBAC Article on NewsOK.com and the 800 Pound Vagina in the Room

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The article “Oklahoma mom opts for traditional birth after C-sections” is online at NewsOK.com. It’s a positive personal story about VBAC as evidenced by this excerpt.

When Michelle English became pregnant with her third child, she found a new obstetrician. She said her previous doctor refused to allow her to try a vaginal delivery because she’d already had two cesarean sections.

English felt her C-sections were unnecessary because her babies weren’t as large as predicted, and the greater recovery time made it harder to bond with the babies and care for her family.

“I had this profound sadness that I could be the mother of three children and never have had a contraction,” she said.

Many doctors don’t allow vaginal birth after cesarean, or VBAC, or can’t allow it because of malpractice insurance rules. But English found a physician that would talk to her about the risks. Her third son, Hudson, was born vaginally and without complications April 7 at St. Anthony Medical Center.

“I felt totally and completely empowered like I could do anything in the world,” English said.

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I’m thrilled for Michelle. If you come across this post, Michelle, come tell your stories! There are so many women who would love to hear more about your experience in finding a truly VBAC friendly physician. Congratulations.

As for the editorial staff, the title of the article leaves much to be desired. Swapping words like “traditional” and “natural” for “vaginal” adds an air of shame to term. As one of my Twitter friend’s husband put it, it becomes the 800 pound vagina in the room.


Edit: Amy has indicated that she is okay with her husband being quoted…


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