Comment of the Week: No Control?

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by ANaturalAdvocate


Kathy Peterson left this comment on the thread Racism and Low Birth Weight 101:


Wow. Yet, somehow, to be expected. If people have the attitude that they have no control over their lives and health, and that “whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen,” then they’ll be less likely to try to exert control over their health as best they can, but just float along with the river, to wherever the river decides to take them. Perceiving yourself as “a victim of circumstance” is not a healthful mindset. It’s like Peppermint Patty (from the Charlie Brown and Snoopy comic strip) — once she turned in a blank paper, saying that the teacher hated her and would fail her regardless of what she did, so why bother?

It is my hope as a “sister-friend” in the Birthing Project that I can help empower women to take control of their lives, and to choose healthy things for themselves and their babies. And that by so doing, I can help to save some babies’ lives, and make the mothers happier in their lives, and also to be better mothers as well.