Comment of the Week: Captioning a Bad Stock Photo

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By Jill—Unnecesarean

It’s been was a slow week around here while I worked on several articles and projects. As a result, I’m going to waste another “Comment of the Week” honor on something silly. The spotlight will be shone next week on your deep thoughts, but for now, it’s photo caption time.


The challenge:

“I saw this fantastic stock photo in a brochure in real life. If anyone would like to play Entertain Jill while I get some work done, please either caption this photo or write the script of their conversation. The comment that makes me snort coffee through my nose gets a $5 gift card.” [Sub-text: Bribing people to entertain me is as sad as it is funny.]


The picture:


My favorite replies:

Susan wrote:

him: I am a very important man. See how masterfully I handle this phone?

her: You should see this jackwagon on the phone next to me. His fly is down and I’m trying not to look.


Kim wrote a masterful jab at over-the-top cesarean rates:

Med Student: “Doctor? there’s something big and squishy coming out from between her legs! I don’t know what to make of it, this is going to ruin the whole c-section!”

Doctor: “MY GOD. I’ve never encountered that before. I’m on my way. Tell her to hold it, WHATEVER it may be! It’s a good thing you called!”




Unrelated addendum

Source: Damn You, Auto Correct!