Those Crazy Induction-Loving Moms


By Emjaybee

A hospital in my area (north Texas) has decided to limit inductions, which is great news.

What’s not so great is the implication in the news article that the high induction rate was the fault of mothers, and not in any way part of hospital policy or encouraged by doctors.

Experts know that mothers should wait as long as possible, but in recent years, induced deliveries have become more common — sometimes just because the mothers ask for it.  “Women are tired, or maybe it’s a convenience thing; maybe they want their physician to deliver them, and they know their physician’s going to be going on vacation,” said Debbie Cates, director of Women’s Services at North Hills Hospital.

Now, I don’t know if an official study has been done regarding non-medical reasons for induction, though thanks to Mom’s Tinfoil Hat, I can link to this detailed discussion of some of the many complex “psychosocial” factors that do lead to inductions.

However, I do personally know many, many women who were told by their doctors that they were going to be induced early—as early as 36 weeks.  Not asked, told, for reasons that included “getting the baby here before the holidays/weekend/I go on vacation” to “not letting that baby get too big” to “if you go into labor on the weekend, we don’t have as much staff here, so let’s induce on Friday morning.”* 

Yet there is hardly the hint of a whisper in this article that this extremely widespread practice of doctor-pushed inductions ever occurred in the hallowed halls of North Hills Hospital.  Maybe it didn’t.  But I wouldn’t bet money on it.

* This was my provider’s reason, by the way, though I held out till Monday, when my water broke, and then I was put on Pitocin simply because I was at 42 weeks, even though I was laboring quite well.  And thus started the merry chain of interventions that led to my c-section, another issue not mentioned in the discussion of inductions.

(heads up to @ICANtweets on Twitter for the original link, and to Jill for finding MomTFH’s information for me)