I have an idea for the ICAN blog carnival about VBAC...

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The International Cesarean Awareness Network blog is hosting its first blog carnival ever to coordinate with the upcoming NIH VBAC Meetings, to be held in Bethesda, MD from March 8-10.

The topic of the carnival is “Why is VBAC a viable option?” If you already blog and wish to submit your entry directly to ICAN by their March 6 deadline, please visit the ICAN site.

I’ve talked to a lot of you via e-mail, comments and Facebook about your struggles to find a VBAC-friendly provider or to deal with repeated attempts to scare you into surgery. You’ve told me about your fears of having a bait-and-switch pulled on you at the hospital and, for a bunch of you, the realization that you’re probably not going to be able to find anyone to attend your VBAC and aren’t feeling like unassisted birth is a wise move for you.

I’d like to compile some of your voices as a post for the ICAN blog carnival. Whether you send me a paragraph, an essay or a novel, I hope that you won’t hold back. I’m happy to post it anonymously if you would feel more comfortable that way.

What would you tell someone who thinks it’s a sensible idea to keep risking women out of vaginal birth after a previous cesarean and doesn’t really care about how it actually affects women and their families? What would you tell someone who wants people to believe that the only reason women wouldn’t want a repeat cesarean is because they’re looking for some kind of metaphysical (yes, I keep hearing that one) vaginal birth experience? What message do you have for the obstetrician who put their personal fear of litigation before your health and gave you misleading information?

I can think of a few choice words to say on your behalf, but I’d rather hear it from you.


E-mail me your story (or blurb or essay or profanity ridden rant) at unnecesarean (at) gmail (dot) com or message me on Facebook by March 5.