So what does "good" look like?

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By Emjaybee

Ok, so we spend a LOT of our time here bitching about crappy birth experiences, it’s true. Nothing wrong with that, either.  And a lot of that talk concerns old ways of thinking, leftover bad practices, sexism, misogyny, and ignorance that perpetuate abuses or just indifference.

But, let’s talk about what we think makes a birth experience (vaginal or necessary c-section) good—or what could make it good.  What would modern birth look like if women had been in charge of setting it up from the get-go to please and help themselves?

This post, as so many are, was inspired by a heated argument I was having with Some Dude on the Internet a few months ago, about what a birth should be like; he basically told me that women were a bunch of whiny babies for wanting things like birthing pools and privacy while in labor.

If you could create a non-home* birth-space that was both respectful, comfortable, and safe, what would it look like? It can be inside a hospital or free-standing. It can include any type of fixtures, spaces, or practitioners/assistants that you would think would help laboring women.

New Zealand midwife Sarah Stewart has taken this whole idea into the virtual world of Second Life, by setting up a virtual birthing unit there. Here’s a video of what that looks like. She uses it as a teaching tool for other midwives.


*obviously, in your home, you’re going to set things up the way you want anyway.


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