The best and safest Medicine for Ladies.

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I found this in a completely unrelated Google Image search just now.


The text reads: “The best and safest Medicine for Ladies. As eminent Physician says, “Ladies who take No. 1, from 14 to 20, and No. 2 from 20 to 50 years of age, pass through life comparatively free from complaint, and never suffer from the painful diseases of advanced life.” Consumption is prevented—Chlorosis—General Weakness, accompanied by weariness and sinking at the pit of the stomach—Feverishness—Indigestion—Constipation—Loss of appetite—Flatulence—Heartburn—Giddiness—Palpitation—Pains in the Head, Stomach, Loins and all Hysterical Affections are completely removed by their peculiar effects.”


This is fantastic, as I’ve been searching for a cure for the combination of giddiness, flatulence and hysteria. I can see that one of the side effects is hyperhyphenation, which concerns me as a blogger.

Sorry, guys. This medicine is just for the ladies.


I’ll put this with the rest of my hysteria cures.