Solutions... I have them

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Yes, it was cool that Ricki was there yesterday at the rally for Dr. Robert Biter at Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas. She lended as much love as she did celebrity to the cause, and there’s a rumor that the sixth graders in the Encinitas Union School District are jealous of her mad crossing guard skillsAnna Getty was there with her little one, too.

If these rallies are going to grow from hundreds of people to thousands of people, a new tactic is needed. May I recommend the following?


Muffins will be served.


You’re wondering if this is real or not, aren’t you? It’s just a photoshopped version of this, but watch for Can Dr. Biter Get More Fans Than Nickelback AND a Pickle Combined? on Facebook.


NB: The person on the roof? A security guard on a phone call keeping an eye on the rally.