Coerced Cesareans in Venezuela


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By Jill—Unnecesarean



When giving birth to her daughter, Carolina Vazquez remembers tiptoeing down the corridors of her clinic as she tried to avoid doctors.

Vazquez was determined to give birth naturally and feared she would be coerced into a cesarean.

“My obstetrician was telling me to hurry up so they wouldn’t see me,” she recalled. “She was arranging for this or that doctor not to come in that day — I always call my daughter’s arrival a clandestine birth.”

Giving birth naturally (or vaginally) in Venezuela is becoming increasingly difficult as doctors and women opt for the perceived safety of a c-section.

Cesarean rates in some private clinics are as high as 90 percent, while even in public hospitals almost three in 10 women go under the knife, according to several doctors.

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