July Slowdown

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By Jill—Unnecesarean


Die-hard readers have probably noticed that I’ve slowed down my pace quite a bit in the last month. For what it’s worth, I will be taking July to take care of… stuff. Lots of it. It dawned on me that I used to blog in my head while I was nursing. As nursing went from infrequent to not-at-all, I lost a significant portion of composition time.

My e-mail reply time went from a few hours to one day to a few days to I AM SO EMBARRASSED THAT IT TOOK ME A WEEK TO REPLY. I’m on Facebook less frequently and it’s a rare day that I twitter anything. If you need to respond to something quickly, feel free to send it a second time or unleash the fury of caps lock to get my attention for now. If you post something brilliant on your blog and you really hope I read it, kindly link it on the fan page.

Additionally, prepare yourself for the ritualistic purging of my hard drive. Expect fluff. Expect crap. Expect fluffy crap for the first half of the summer from me. If I am going to start the two large projects that I’m planning and tackle the eleventy thousand journal articles saved on my computer to read later, I’m probably going to need to actually start reading them. Also, it’s been a month and a half since I set up the advertising page but I’ve done nothing with it. Feel free to send the page to anyone you think might be interested in advertising.

Hopefully by now you’ve watched Crisis in the Crib and are formulating your thoughts on the film to participate in Courtroom Mama’s mini blog carnival. Please don’t let not having a blog deter your from participating. You can leave a long comment on the original post by July 2 and Courtroom Mama will link to that. Thank you to Elita and Lauren for spreading the word.

Happy July to you all. Thanks for reading.


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