The "Home Birth" Room in Season Five of Weeds

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By Jill—Unnecesarean


The fifth season of Showtime’s hit series, Weeds, is on Netflix. Nancy Botwin, the show’s protagonist, spent the season pregnant. The child’s father, the mayor of Tijuana and boss of an international drug cartel, has been advised that her birth needs to be off the grid so as not to interfere with his gubernatorial campaign. Oh, and also because Esteban, the father, might want to kill her after the baby is born for ratting him out to the DEA. You know how it is.

Like other paid cable shows I’ve been hooked on in the past, I’m attached to characters that regularly steal, shank, torture, blackmail and murder while the writers indulge in perpetuating awful stereotypes for the sake of entertainment.

Episode 5.7: Where the Sidewalk Ends featured a so-called “birthing room” set up by Esteban’s thugs for Nancy where she was told that she’d have everything there that she would need. Instead, she fled and begged her OB-GYN, played by Alanis Morrissette, to induce her and ultimately gave birth at the hospital.

Below are screencaps of the birthing room and Nancy’s expression when she saw it for the first time. Click on images to enlarge.