I am going to the Home Birth Consensus Summit. Thank you.

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By Jill Arnold


I’m going.

Thank you so much for helping to get me there. If the responses to both the request for help and thoughts on home birth are indicative in any way of who reads this blog, we are as diverse as I thought.

I am a little sappy at the moment so I will keep it brief and say thank you. I hope I contribute a useful voice to the discussion and I look forward to seeing a real autumn, my favorite season, as well. I love our ten month summers out here in Southern California, but I just saw snow fall for the first time in a Courtyard Marriot parking lot in Atlanta this February and am excited to cross See a Real Autumn™ off my bucket list. Now I need to find a horse to ride… never done that.

I hope you’ll keep the thoughts on home birth coming. While working my way through some pretty hefty commentary from everyone from MDs to home birth parents, I am seeing lots of commonalities leaping off the screen. I look forward to reading more.