Our Bodies, Ourselves is 40 and I'm Not Wearing Pants

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By Jill Arnold

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Naturally when asked to submit a picture to Our Bodies, Ourselves last year for this sidebar, I took a picture of myself standing on a mirror wearing only a speculum. Imagine how furious I am that the editors cropped the picture!* OBOS has gone soft since the 1984 version I first read in college which shocked me a bit at the time but which I can partially credit as how I got here.

The first version I readIn all seriousness, there really aren’t any words to express what it feels like to post this today, October 1, 2011, which was declared Our Bodies, Ourselves Day in Boston. Please share your OBOS story in the comments.


More information: 

Watch the symposium live today (October 1)

Twitter hashtag #obos40

Our Bodies, Ourselves Celebrates 40 Years: Global symposium at BU honors women’s health pioneers (BU Today, September 30, 2011)

Buy the book on Amazon: Our Bodies, Ourselves (October 4, 2011)





*Yeah, I am full of shit.