Birth and Pop Culture: Horrifying Cakes Edition

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By Emjaybee


Many of you are familiar with CakeWrecks, and with their occasional exposure of horrifying baby shower cakes. But this week…this week they’ve outdone themselves. So much so that this picture is actually the least-bad of the bunch.

If you’re eating a meal…now might be a good time to pause.


First up, we have the twins:

Points for the blood vessels in the umbilical cord. Wonder if that’s red velvet cake?

Next, it’s the best argument against a planned cesarean you will ever see in cake form:

Though the baby does say “ready or not” so maybe the baker knew something the mom didn’t.

And last, and worst of all, the answer to the question: what do you get when your cake decorator confuses “delicious dessert for a baby shower” with “cake-based medical diorama”?

You get this, and yes; it’s all edible.

Yep: even the placenta in the bowl. How about a closeup of that?

There’s probably a lot to be said about baby shower cakes in general when it comes to our expectations of birth, especially the c-section ones and the ones featuring a mom-torso or an actual baby…that you eat. Possibly we can blame it on all the cake-decorating shows that give bakers the idea that they need to challenge themselves to make realistic placentas or mom boobs with nipples. Just because they can.

What do you think, readers?