Monday Open Thread: Home Birth Summit Edition


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By ANaturalAdvocate

In an attempt to average a decent time for posting the open thread, today I’ll post it super early (which is not actually super early for us East Coasters at all).  


Because all open threads must have a funny…and I’m a nerd.


Today’s topic is: the Home Birth Summit! As some of you may know, I have been asked to attend the Home Birth Summit, taking place in October. 

There’s been a bit of controversy about the Summit, with some excited, some disparaging, and many just plain confused. 

So, I ask you today to share with me (in addition to anything else you’d like to share, of course), what your thoughts/concerns/hopes/anything are for the Home Birth Summit and those participating. 

If you haven’t heard of the Summit, or need a little more information, I recommend Rixa’s post here at Stand and Deliver, which has the most detailed information I’ve seen out thus far.