Hopes of VBAC out the window?


This comment was left on one of our Facebook pages. I want all of you OB-GYNs who read this blog to take an extra second to think this one through and examine the contribution your refusal or resistance to attend VBACs is having on women’s health overall, please.


“I am on the waiting room, after seeing a “VBAC friendly” OB, turn against her patient. This is throwing my hopes of a VBAC for myself out the window. I guess I have to start thinking about HBAC.”


Is that what you want? More Home Birth after Cesarean?


Please work toward making VBAC available to more women. We all know it is a safe and appropriate choice for most women. Sure, you might have to make waves in your community. You’ll probably have to rally and do some outside-the-box thinking (no pun intended). The problem with the primary cesarean rate climbing is that the ol’ VBAC dilemma isn’t going to just go away… it’s going to snowball.


Thank you. See you at the ACM. I’ll be there wearing a moustache and a fedora and hiding in the back.


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